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Take a Break From Your Stressful Daily Activities and Learn Yoga Now To Control Your Body And Mind.

Aathi yoga

Aathi yoga is conducting various Yoga Asanas, Varma, Pranayama, Meditation and Therapy’s. We are having 10+ years of experience in yoga trainings and therapy’s. We have our own natural products for various health problems like Hair fall, Body pain, Neck pain, Back pain, Knee pain and Skin issues etc.

Our Yoga classes have provided an inspiring welcoming for everybody! That makes every attendee feel like they are a part of one big and passionate community!

Gokul Ram

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Dive in the World Of Health & Fitness

At our online yoga studio, we offer a mix of yoga styles, including Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa, alongside teachings on how to maintain a yogic lifestyle for both physical and mental well-being. Our programs are designed to cater to both group and individual needs and can be taken online from the comfort of your own home. All group class duration will be one hour.


Asanas are the physical postures practiced in yoga.


Pranayama is the practice of controlling one’s breath in yoga.

Kriya Yoga involves a series of techniques aimed at purifying the body and mind.

Yoga helps to reduce stress, anxiety, and tension and promotes overall well-being.

  • Achieved “THE GRAND MASTER OF YOGA -2022” award from INDIA BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS (IBWR) for Sirasasana (holding breath for 50sec -1.30minutes under water and mud.
  • Certified by “NATION HUMAN RIGHTS DEFENDERS OF INDIA” on the hard carried success of the year.
  • Won Award from ASTER Association for PUSHUPs Challenges (recorded 450 PUSHUPs in one set).

Push Up Challenge

450 push up in single set

grand master of yoga

India book of Records


sirasasana head stand underwater



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